Residential Plumbing

We trust when we turn the faucet water will flow. We trust when we pull the stopper, the water will drain. We trust we will have hot water when we want it. Plumbing is one area most homeowners pay little attention to – until there is a problem.

It could be a persistent, annoying drip. It could be a clogged drain. It may be something major – a flood in your yard, or worse, inside your home. Regardless, it always seems plumbing issues arise at the worst times and when they are serious, it adds a good deal of stress.

Many of our employees are homeowners. They may be in the industry but are not immune to the same problems you face. They know exactly how you feel and will provide you with the same service and professionalism they want for themselves.


Our role is to resolve your plumbing issues quickly, professionally and at a fair price.
Unlike many other residential plumbing companies:


  • Our expert service technicians will settle for nothing but the utmost in customer service and will treat you and your home with courtesy and respect.
  • We will always be honest with you and educate you on the issues and your options.
  • We will provide a fair quote and won’t begin work until we get your approval so that there are never any surprises.

And because plumbing issues won’t always wait until morning, we are available to help you 24 hours a day.

No matter what your residential plumbing needs are, we are the right choice. The Plumbing and Drain Co. is, ready to help in an emergency or for general repair, pipe cleaning, installation, or routine maintenance.

We have your residential plumbing needs covered.